Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finding a ballance

As I sat with my mentor today, I am thinking ahead towards next year. The kids this year are driving me insane and so we were talkinga bout what to do. I am hoping that next year I can grow and do a better job, as it should be.

Things I am thinking about tend to center around the begining of the year. I need to
  • get a grip on rules at the begining of year. rules need to include policies around computers, checking computers at the end of class, raising hands, getting my attention, plugging in computers
  • also when it comes to behavior. calling home. i need to start early calling home for good and bad behavior.
  • the using of a projector needs to happen early so they can get used to it
  • the use of assignment sheets needs to be used early so that they can get the hang of it. start easy. a couple of steps then work up to it.
  • go through the stuff i have this year and pull out good and bad stuffs. start with typing, then go with projects.

These are just some of the things that I need to do next year. Keep watch of more things to come.

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