Thursday, January 17, 2008

100th Post with some exciting news

So.. my friend REALLY wanted to get the new Mel Brooks cd of Young Frankinstein and we found out that he was signing them at Barn's and Noble on Tuesday in the city right... WELL!! Let me tell you.

After TWO hours of waiting in line we got down to two people in front of us. TWO!!! And they said he would not be doing any more signing. The people in front of us were very not happy. One was a bonified signature hounder and the other had worked on the opening production in Seattle this spring. Needless to say they were very upset and wanted to stay. So we stayed! After about 20 minutes they said 20 more people! BUT YOU MUST HAVE A CD! Crap. I didn't have a cd... so I let my friend go in to say hi and get a pict with my camera. O well right? Wrong.

The signature hound in front of us talked my friend into walking around the building to find the exit so we could meet him. At the back end of the building was the service entrance. Thats where he was gunna come out. WE knew it. After about another 15 minutes the big garage door opened and out poped MEL BROOKS! He stoped to sign the other guys stuff and then asked if I had anything to sign. I said no, he cracked a joke of can he read my book, shook my hand and he was off. Into his car and gone. Freaking cool! I shook his hand.

This is what NYC is all about!

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