Monday, December 03, 2007

A long weekend

It was a good weekend.

The Ducks lost, but fought a good fight losing in the second overtime. Yes it was the civil war.. no I do not like my ducks to lose at home for the civil war, but they did put up a good fight considering the last two games we have played. Losing most of our starting line up and our start and back up qbs didn't help our fight but the fans back home helped the ducks to not get trampled. So all in all..not horrible.

The first snow of the season. That's right folks. I got my first NYC snow. Ok.. it was all that spectacular.. it was like 3/4 inch but that's better than the stuff that doesn't stick in Oregon. I will post a picture soon, I have to email it from my phone to my email. And because of the snow I decided that shopping when it was like 25 and snowing I got nothing done yesterday. That's right. Nothing. While I really only have two weekends left to shop I decided to stay home. I really need to get on this whole shopping thing!!! I have not gotten a single thing. O well. It happens.

Stay tuned to hear about my shopping adventures in the big city.

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