Sunday, February 08, 2009

Im trying. i really am

Ever have that feeling where all your trying and hard work is not only not enough but just seems to go to waste for nothing?

Its been that type of week. Between a bad performance review from my principal to a meeting that just made me feel as inadequate as humanly possible.. it seems that I can do nothing right. Don't you love those weeks? I personally dont.

I am hoping that I can bounce back... come back bigger and stonger. I really hope it can. If I can' may be my career that doesn't come back. Of course... There are so many variables to everything..who knows I could end up being excessed again... I could end up back in Oregon... who knows?!? I thought when I left college I would leave limbo...but I guess life is limbo...especally when you have no roots to hold you down.

LAter yall...

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Anonymous said...

Don;t be so down and you do have roots! Remember, any trouble only makes you stronger.

love you