Monday, September 03, 2007

Last night of freedom...

Tonight is the last night before I become Ms. Erickson. For the last two years I have been walking into classrooms of other people, helping out and living by their rules. Although I do not have my own classroom, tomorrow I will be a teacher. The students will see me as a teacher, as a staff member.

I am totally freaked out and excited at the same time. I am going back and forth about whether I am sad about not having my own classroom. I am sad... I have been working towards my own clasroom for so long, but I am also excited to do technology. Technology, to me, is very important to round out the whole child and if I can share that with both the students and my fellow staff members I will have done my job. In the future I really want my own classroom, and hopefully those that be know that and will watch my potential carefully.

As for tomorrow. I will update you on how it goes and what I will actually be doing. Wish me luck and watch for updates.

~Ms. Erickson!

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Kim Larsen Photography said...

Soooooooo.... Inquiring minds want to know. How was it???