Thursday, August 23, 2007

Time to update!

Sorry to all of you out there that are actually reading my blog! I have been a horrible person who has not update in a while. Life in New York is going well. The past three days I have been in city wide orientation with teachers from all over the city of NY. Its definitely an eye opener to walk into a room with 3000 other teachers and realize that we are all new, when districts in Oregon are likely to not even have that many teachers all together. But I guess the biggest fact that they said yesterday is the 1.1 million students that will be in the NYC public schools this year. 1.1 million... holy crap!

As for the apartment, its coming along very slowly. Mom sent some of my boxes from home today, so hopefully I will have some more to decorate with. My apartment is still very empty... my first piece of ordered stuff came today. Ironically it was the bookshelf I ordered on Tuesday, rather than the stuff I ordered over a week ago. I have done NOTHING today because I have been waiting for UPS to show up with my TV and my rug. I will be SO happy to finally get a tv... I have the cable guy scheduled for tomorrow morning so my stuff better come today... with it being 6:50 pm I am getting a littttle worried! We shall see. See... I still have only an air mattress in the apartment so I cannot wait for something else to sit on!

The best thing in the world from home comes tomorrow (besides Eric of course) SUZIE!!! Suzie will be arriving tomorrow morning at 730 am... which means I will be up and out of my apartment by 530... but I am SO happy to finally get her. I miss her so much and am SO excited to get her. I kept trying to tell Eric I would give him the cash if he flew her out, but it didn't fly with his not having a job, without having money, and not having parents that will help him with moving expenses when the time comes. Sad but I shall have to live. I will jsut be excited to have the kitty here with me. Someone to cuddle up with at night, as long as she doesn't pop the air mattress!!!!

That's how life is here. I hope that ya'll are enjoying the end of the summer. Don't forget to email me updates, incase some of you out there (who talked to me before I left) have went and got new jobs and all..... laters

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Kim said...

OK, so I've been incredibly lazy and haven't gotten your package sent out yet, but I will be doing that this weekend. :)